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My name is Jennifer Marshall and I am a self-taught sourdough baker.  I have a passion for Sourdough Bread! I am a married mum of two beautiful children, Martina and James. My husband is a classical musician and tours all over the world. During Covid, whilst stuck at home, I started baking for my family friends and slowly but surely the "Sourdough Hub" starting coming into fruition. I started showing our friends how to make and maintain a starter and how to be able to bake without the use of commercial products. 

At home we have a lot of music and we also combine this with great breads and wholesome foods! 

In September 2022, we moved from Malta to Cambridgeshire. Our son James is now a chorister at St John's College School  and our daughter is at King's College School in Cambridge. It has been a year of transition, learning and understanding each other better through some challenging times. 

I am proud that in this short space of time I, with the help of my husband, set up the bakery at Cambridge Newmarket Polo Club.

I am looking forward to new beginnings and new connections and look forward to sharing my breads and bakes with many people who are interested in good quality foods! 


My Story

I was born in Malta and when I was 17 I received a scholarship to go and study at the Royal Academy of Music in London. This was the start of an incredible journey - Music, Friends, Missing my family, Travel, Experiencing many different Cultures through food, Performing on the International Concert Circuit - all these experiences made me the person I am today. 


When my children were born, we lived for some time in Berlin and then in Dresden and I developed an interest in sourdough bread-making. We then moved to Malta and our kids started attending a local school. Unfortunately, I could not find good quality, healthy bread for their school lunches. So I started learning and delving more into the world of sourdough baking. 

In September 2022 we moved to the UK as our son was accepted as a chorister at St John's College School in Cambridge and our daughter was accepted at King's College School. Leaving our beautiful home in Valletta and moving Countries was by no means an easy decision. The first few months after our move was an absolute roller-coaster of emotions but I kept on baking and handing out my breads and  bakes to people I met through my children's schools. Sharing bread is a wonderful way to connect with people and it is through the act of bread making that I found my new bakery space in the UK.  I am now setting up  "Sourdough Hub" at the Carmbridge Newmarket Polo Club in Lode Cambrrdgeshire.  


I love making other bakes and pastries and I am hoping that I will also be able to introduce some wonderful Maltese and other Mediterranean bakes to the Cambridgeshire Community. 

By allowing the bread to ferment slowly, it develops the most incredible and interesting taste.  Bread should not be boring. Bread is part of our staple diet and therefore it is so important to eat bread that is full of character and interesting tastes. 

I do hope that through my love of sourdough baking we can learn to eat healthier and more nutritious breads. 


+44 7778032283

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